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Preppers Garage Sale SHTF Supplies Haul Plus Tips :) More Yard Sale Fun :)

The Imminent Danger From Within Our Borders. This is as real as it gets. And it has nothing to do with terrorism and hoarded weapons of mass destruction.

This imminent danger is hidden well inside our own borders… carefully scattered across a few strategic regions.

Consider this a warning from a concerned friend…

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Looking for your prepping supplies but can’t afford to break your piggy bank open? Consider garage sales and yard sales to find many wonderful items to help build up your bug out supplies, SHTF or emergency supplies for very little money.

Tips to Maximize your prepper haul from Garage or Yard Sales:
1. Ask if you are looking for certain items, often folks will forget they have something like a food dehydrator or a tent. They may just pull one out of their hat! This happens quite often so be bold and ask 🙂
2. Lump a few items together and ask for their best price on the lot.
3. Never pay full price – garage sales are the land of the bargainers – it can be fun, don’t be rude or condescending but do feign vague interest in something then ask what is their best price on that item while you are walking away from that item.
4. Have a good time out there, consider it a sport!

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper 🙂


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